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Marketing Your Property For Sale

Setting Yourself Up For A Quick Sale

Many factors go into selling your home expediently. Selling at the right time, price, features, marketing and so much more. Land Sites for Sale strives to provide our customers the tips they need to help them sell swiftly even in the off season! Below are some points every seller needs to be aware of when selling in any market.

1. Price It Right From The Start.  Sellers often think they should start off high and then lower the price later if the desired traffic isn't achieved. This is not a good strategy since the highest amount of traffic you will receive when selling is within the first month of listing your home. Land Sites for Sale has seen time and time again where buyers are turned off by a property priced too high. Use local websites and request a market analysis and be sure you're not overpriced. Remember sitting on a property for sale for months at a time is only costing you more money!

2. Curb Appeal.  Opinions are formed on your property the moment someone sees your home. Be sure you make a great first impression. Lay new mulch, plant flowers, pressure wash the home, sweep sidewalks and the list can go on. Set the expectation the moment a potential buyer pulls into the driveway.

3. Update Your Home. One of the most inexpensive ways to update your home, inside or out, is a fresh coat of paint. Take the time to repair outdated fixtures and update any out of date features. This may require a little elbow grease but will be well worth the effort when selling your home. 

4. Clean, Declutter and Depersonalize.  Less is more!! Take the time to remove all the extra knickknacks and personal family items throughout your home. If there are any extra 'odd' pieces of furniture, place in storage or sell. The more a potential buyer can see themselves moving right in the better! Finally, treat yourself to a cleaning service for an ultimate clean home! Land Sites for Sale can refer you to helpful professionals for various services throughout your home. 

5. Stage the House.  Not sure what to do with that extra room? Be creative! Make sure every room in the house has a specific role. Create an extra office or use all of your outdoor space. There are many helpful websites like pinterests that can help.
6. Make the Property Easy To Sell.  The more flexible you are at showing your home for sale the more potential buyers will see your home. In turn, this means more potential offers. Be ready for a showing at any given moment. Also, when you have a showing with a realtor, leave. A realtor is a trained professional that follows strict guidelines. This is what they do for a living. If the showing is directly with a buyer then be sure you have all contact information. Remember, treat this as a business decision. This is no longer your home but rather a home you are selling. Whether you're selling land for sale or a home for sale be sure you handle it as a business transaction and detach your emotions from the process. 
7. Remove Your Pets!  We all LOVE our pets but a prospective buyer shouldn't even know a pet lives in the home! Make sure you remove all pet accessories or at least hide them well.  This may seem excessive but potential buyers don't want to imagine what pets have been doing in the home. Be sure your home for sale seems pet free and smells pet free! 
8. Insure Your Listing Has Good Photos. This is a must! If you want showings, your home for sale must have good photos! Take the time to get out the good camera or hire a professional. If you take the photos be sure no one is in your photos! Good photos will attract a buyer, bad photos will turn a buyer away. 
9. Make Sure Your Listing Is on All Online Service! Here's where Land Sites for Sale comes in. Land Sites For Sale syndicates to many national websites and shares your listing to thousands of social media users! Time and time again realtors state that they have had better luck with selling a property with social media than the MLS. You can list your property for sale in just minutes here and advertise to hundreds of website visitors daily!
Marketing Your Property For Sale

The 4 P's of Marketing

The 4P’s of Marketing is the primary focus of the first Marketing class a college student will take. The 4P’s are Price, Product, Place, and Promotion and are known as the “Marketing Mix”. Companies must consider what products they want to make, what price they want to sell it for, where they want to sell it, and how the will inform potential customers about their products.

When it comes to selling your property, the 4P’s marketing mix must be considered:

Place: Good, bad, or indifferent the location of your land for sale is “set in stone”. Undoubtedly ‘Place’ will factor into the other 3 P’s, but there is not much you can do to affect this so we will not spend much time discussing this.

Product: Let’s consider the house or property for sale as the “Product”. We all know that when we have company over we tend to mow the yard, vacuum the carpet, clean the counters, wipe away the dust, etc. Why do we do that? Of course, so that our guests can enjoy a nice comfortable home to visit in. Buyer’s want those same things when looking to purchase a home. They want a good “Product”. When they are walking through, they are examining your ideas on how to arrange a home and envisioning what the home would look like as their “Product”. It is worth spending the extra time and effort to take care of the details of presenting a great “Product” that someone would want to purchase. A little elbow grease and taking care of the details should yield a quicker sell at a better price. The alternative of not taking care of the details, will certainly negatively impact the price and speed of the sale. Lastly, be sure to display QUALITY photographs of your home or property for sale in your listing!! This is a must when attracting buyers to your property for sale!

Price: Price is an interesting subject as EVERY piece of land for sale will sell, for the right price. People tend to see more value in their own possessions because of personal and sentimental value attachment than what true market value is. There are a variety of methods for determining what to list your property for, of which the methods are widely available on the internet. One of the most logical ways is to look at “comps” or comparative land to see what the actual sale prices of similar property were in the local area. Property sale prices are public record, and available on the county website. Other methods could include price per square foot, taking your previous purchase price + the cost of any improvements, or just your intuition. The X factor which is difficult for buyers to know is how motivated the seller is. If the seller is not under pressure to sell, they are in a position to be more patient and wait for a premium on their home. If they are motivated to sell, they are more likely to accept a price which is lower than what they would like to accept. does not offer advice on pricing, but our observations are that properties which are priced close to true market value tend to yield much quicker sales than the strategy of starting high and continuing to lower and lower until the property gets to true market value. So again, it all depends on what the motivations of the seller.

Promotion: Promotion, means to actively promote. This is where Land Sites For Sale helps connect buyers and sellers. If you as a seller have the Price, Product, and Place right, but no one knows about your home because it is not being promoted, you will have difficulty selling your home. The decision to list your property with LandSitesForSale.COM is an excellent choice for promotion as we offer a comprehensive promotional strategy aimed at giving our customers a low-cost option to ensure that buyers in the market are made aware that your home is “on the market”. We deliver a professional sign to your yard. Signs have the effect of reinforcing the brand in the minds of buyers and sellers. Most of us will not remember seeing one sign, but when we continue to see signs, the message starts to become top of mind. Signs do have a mitigating effect as they are limited to physical traffic. has focused our efforts on having an intuitive, easy-to-use website which sellers can utilize to list in a matter of minutes while giving potential buyers a great experience in searching for their next property for sale. The website is our “product”, and we take a lot of pride in being able to give area buyers and sellers a great exchange which is clean, appealing, and easy to use. also utilizes a comprehensive social media strategy. While we want to protect the specifics of the strategy that we utilize, we will share that our strategy includes heavy utilization of Facebook, Google, Bing, Zillow, and other social media sources to ensure maximum visibility for our customers.

Finally, we LOVE helping our customers and we LOVE being fast. Nothing makes us happier than to surprise our customers with how fast that we deliver our signs to start creating the buzz to get your property sold! One of the greatest benefits of our business is the chance to talk to customers if they happen to be out in the yard when we are delivering the signs, to introduce ourselves, to learn about our customers. We are FIRMLY in belief that customer service and customer satisfaction is the KEY ingredient to our success as a company. We hope that word of mouth is our “Promotion” and we hope that Land Sites For Sale is your “Promotion”!